Faculty Academy 2010

The Many Faces of UMW Blogs

Three years into UMW Blogs, this presentation will explore innovative uses, case studies, and, hopefully, seed ideas for future publishing projects.

Student Publishers

Looking at ongoing experiments with the Practices in Literary Publishing course as well as the Creative Writing Workshop (a.k.a Ethershop), this presentation will examine the emerging reality that our students at UMW are increasingly becoming publishers read widely on the open web.  And the fact raises some interesting questions about how we think through theRead More…

Good Intentions, Unintended Consequences, and Some of the Perils of Web 2.0 Teaching

Definitions of Web 2.0 abound, and while all stress different features of the experience, many of the same notions recur—”read/write,” interactivity, dynamic participation, social mediation, collective intelligence, and so forth.  Are some of these also the features of what might be called a Web 2.0 class experience? If so, what are the potential pedagogical choicesRead More…


This presentation discusses our experiences with TED.com @ UMW a first-year seminar based on the wildly popular TED site.  We will discuss the role of social media, the integration of UMW Blogs, our experiences with linked FSEMs, and the applicability of TED as a site for teaching and learning.