Faculty Academy 2010

Social Tools

There are so many ways to play the “Faculty Academy Play-at-Home Game” it isn’t even funny. In fact, we hope that even those who are participating in the conference in-person will try out some of these social tools and learn about how they work and what they’re good for.


Faculty Academy 2010 has an official Twitter account. If you already use Twitter, follow us at www.twitter.com/umwfa10.

In addition, we invite anyone who is participating in the conference or watching from afar, to use the hashtag “#umwfa10” in their conference-related tweets. A feed of the most recent of these will appear on the conference home page or you can watch them at the Twitter hashtag page.

If you don’t have a Twitter account yet, we encourage you to get one set up and give it a whirl during the conference. Ubiquitous wireless throughout the conference venue makes it easy to get your feet wet and share your impressions of conference sessions.  If you need help getting started, flag down someone with a STAFF ribbon on their badge. . . or ask the person next to you. There’s a good chance they’re already on Twitter.


We still love Delicious for creating and sharing Web bookmarks. If you have an account, please tag any conference-related resources with “umwfa10.” We’ll be watching the feed of those resources throughout the conference.

If you don’t have an account, we encourage you to get one set up and give it a whirl! (Notice a theme?) If you already have a Yahoo! account, you’ll find setting up a Delicious account is a snap.


On the conference home page, during the event, you’ll find a “Live Blogging” stream for those folks who want to share their reactions and thoughts in the form of a blog post. Simply add the URL of your blog or your blog’s feed to the box in the “Live Blogging” section and, shortly, we’ll begin capturing your posts.


Capture a great photo at the conference? Share it with us on Flickr. Once again, we ask that you tag your photo with “umwfa10.” We’ll be displaying all tagged photos on the conference home page during the event.

Setting up a flickr account is simple — and, again, even easier if you already have a Yahoo! account.


For those  of you playing along from home, you’ll find a number of our plenary sessions will be broadcast once again on UStream. If you watch from the UStream interface, you can use the built-in chat feature to ask questions. We’ll be monitoring this space, and will do our best to get your questions answers. You can also watch the embedded video on the conference page or our Video page.

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