Faculty Academy 2010

Exploring an Improved Multidimensional Framework of Cultural Intellgence in the Context of IT

Written on May 7, 2010 by Reverend | Posted in Program Item

This research attempts to develop an enhanced model for the measurement of cultural intelligence in individuals in the Management Information Systems workforce and identifies additional dimensions of cultural intelligence that supplement the current four dimensional model of Ang Soon’s Cultural Intelligence framework in order to better measure the value of cultural intelligence in individuals working in a global business environment.  The improved cultural intelligence model serves to assist global businesses with a means to measure CQ of available resources in order to enhance the value of expatriate and foreign business assignments.

Two specific questions are explored:  1) What are the key dimensions of on an individual’s Social Environment in regards to Cultural Intelligence, and 2) how are key dimensions of an individual’s Social Environment measured in order to complement the existing Cultural Intelligence Framework?

Thus, being able to more effectively study Cultural Intelligence in an individual will allow global business managers to better assess the quality of cultural intelligence within an organization for the purposes of identifying resources for foreign assignments.  Additionally, global businesses can utilize this enhanced model to better train their workforce.

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