Faculty Academy 2010

Creating a Website with “Luddite” Students

Written on May 7, 2010 by Reverend | Posted in Program Item

The historic preservation planning laboratory tackled a technically challenging project this semester. Although Fredericksburg is a city of recognized historic value, there was no database compiling its historic resources. Anyone interested in learning about a specific building in Fredericksburg would have to know where to look, who to ask, and where to go to get that information. The new site www.fredbuildings.org was designed to solve this problem. The site not only lists historic buildings in Fredericksburg but also maps them, describes them, and provides photos and any available documents. This presentation will describe the functionality of the site and focus on the problems encountered in designing it. In particular: multiple contributors, contributors that are “non-tech-savvy”, collecting content materials, compiling data, and finding free internet tools. This session will demonstrate how even people who are stuck in the past can create a site that looks professional and functions as it should.

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