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Introducing Lightning Slides at Faculty Academy

Written on March 3, 2010 by Martha Burtis | Posted in Featured News

This year at Faculty Academy, we will be introducing a new presentation format. Based on the Pecha Kucha presentation format, each Lightning Slides presenter will be asked to assemble a five minute presentation consisting of 20 slides which automatically advance after 15 seconds. The presentation can cover any topic of interest to the presenter that will resonate with the themes and ideas at Faculty Academy.

A special Lightning Slides session will be held on one afternoon during lunch (date to be determined based on availability of presenters), and will be limited to no more than six presenters. Due to the limited space, we will close submissions for this format once it is filled. In addition, presenters will be required to submit their slides a few days prior to the conference so that we can review timing and make sure all of the presentations run smoothly.

Lightning Slides are the perfect presentation format if you have a focused idea that you would like to share quickly with an audience. The key to a good Lightning Slide presentation is a focused topic; simple, visual slides;  and a polished delivery that gets you finished on time!

In particular, we encourage our guests from other institutions to consider a Lightning Slide presentation as a way to share an idea or project with the community at UMW.

If you wish to present a Lightning Slides session, please fill out our Call for Proposals form.

If you want to understand more about the Lightning Slides format, we have embedded a view example presentations below and provided some additional links with more information and examples:

Additional Resources

  • pechakucha.org is the Web site of the original Pecha Kucha movement. It aggregates content and information from Pecha Kucha nights held around the world, and includes pages of examples presentations.
    Please note that the original Pecha Kucha format consists of 20 slides for 20 seconds. We’ve modified this format slightly (20 slides for 15 seconds) to result in a five-minute presentation time.
  • The Ignite series, sponsored by O’Reilly, coordinates pecha kucha-like presentations about technology. It also has a video page with archived Ignite presentations.
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